Scheduled Lake Management Programs

Once the lake or pond is constructed, the amenities in place and inundated with water, the course of nature begins to unfold. The combination of warm temperatures, fertile water and sunlight releases the building blocks of nature to initiate a myriad of ecological functions which, in turn, starts the maturing process of the impoundment. This maturing process, called eutrophication, occurs in all bodies of water and can be accelerated by urbanization or man induced activities. This is why it becomes vitally important, for the long term life of the impoundment, to implement a sound on-going lake management program.

LMSLP can custom design the most efficient, cost effective
program to fit the individual lake or pond needs:

  • Scheduled Lake Management Programs

  • Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance on Fountains, Pumps,

  • Water Quality Analyses Aerators, Circulation Systems and Drainage Structures

  • Trash and Debris Clean Up

  • Owner/Association Start up and Lake use Deed Restrictions

  • Aquatic Vegetation Control

  • Waterscape Development and Operation Budgets

  • Fish Stocking & Electrofishing Surveys • Detailed Reports of Activities and Recommendation

  • Bathymetric (depth) Surveys

  • Required Water Well Meter Readings and Record Keeping

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