Fisheries Management

A balanced and healthy fish population doesn’t just happen. After the initial stocking of selected species, the fish should be monitored for various population indices. Proportional Stock Densities, Relative Weights and Abundance, Age-Length Histograms, Length-Frequencies, Reproduction and overall condition of the fishery should be analyzed.

We use the most modern sampling techniques and equipment available – such as electrofishing and seining, as well as conducting creel surveys from hook and line data. We also monitor other parameters such as:

  • Fish Stocking

  • Rough Fish Control

  • Simulated Aquarium Testing

  • Scale and Otolith Aging

  • Disease and Parasitic Control

  • Diet Analysis

  • User Group Assessments

A wide range of species are available and the fishery can be operated as catch and release or put and take. But, most important, is knowing you can catch fish!

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