Plant Identification



Wiht Algae, there are no distinguishable leaves or stems. Also called “moss” or “scum”

Filamentous Algae

Filamentous Algae Known as “pond scum”, filamentous algae forms greenish mats upon the water’s surface. It typically begins its growth along the edges or bottom of the pond. Has a thread-like appearance, due to the fact that a series of cells join ene to end.

Planktonic Algae

Planktonic Algae: Planktonic algae are microscopic plants, usually suspended in the upper few feet of the water. It appears as a “pea green soup” or brownish in color.

Chara (Chara vulgaris)

Chara: Chara has a leaf-like structure around a hollow stem. Dense growth is attached, but does not root to the bottom. Mineral deposits on the weed surface can give it a gritty texture. Has a strong musky odor when crushed.

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